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Genesis has a research based project team, and is well-known for its professionals.

The Team

Among Chinese Community in South Africa, she is respected as Mrs. Chen. She is peaceful and elegant. Her enthusiasm for public welfare has made her a high reputation. She experienced the Apartheid in South Africa, the diplomatic establishment between China and Africa, and continuous strengthening of diplomatic relations.

Established a close relationships with government officials and attended many inauguration ceremonies.

Actively participate in politics, working to help with human rights and homeless in Chinatown.

Actively promote exchange and cooperation programs between China and the U.S. Especially the One Belt and One Road Program.

Actively support the work of the Consulate-General of China in San Francisco. Participated in the formal reception of President Xi and the Director of Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Yuanping Qiu.

Devoted to serving public welfare. Continuously organizing Fundraising events to help Seattle Nursing home and Children’s Hospital, and was highly recognized by local society.