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The maximization of capital is the key for the sustainable development of enterprise.

In order to help company to stay competitive in the capital market and become more valuable, Genesis helps company to build business model through its professional management system.

Also, Genesis introduce capital investment through various capital market segments such as strategic investment, securities and IPO to achieve company needs.

Genesis Group understands that many companies are struggling with maximizing the capital value. Therefore, we did full research on operation of the capital market when company was formed. We also formed strategic partner with other top performed enterprises, to jointly help our clients to achieve the goal of maximizing capital value.


With rapid advancement of science and technology, there are many revolutionary innovations such as shale gas revolution, integrated biotechnology, and medical equipment.

Based on the insights and foresights of industry development, we will work with industry to further study and accumulate more experiences, to help our clients establishing advantages in the new era through various aspects, such as strategic innovation, business process reform, leadership development, and resource sharing.

Health Care

Fully utilize new technology and the Internet, to improve medical service through the innovation of medical treatment.

At the same time, gathering accurate information from analysis and application of huge database, to build a brand new and more active medical mechanism.

1. Telemedicine
2. Human Health
3. Psychological Consultation


Nowadays, online teaching method is ushering in new development opportunities. It is described as “all the time, and everywhere” method for lifelong learning. The MOOC model is a typical case of online education. This new way of teaching has a significant impact on traditional method in terms of organizing class, preparation of course material, teacher’s role, and even changes in school forms. With the fast pace in technology development, integration and application of database, 5G, AI, blockchain and other technologies, the education method is bound to change.

The participating teaching method and blended learning models will gradually become more popular. By applying technology and digital media, the classroom will no longer be the only channel for student to acquire knowledge. Teacher’s responsibility will be focus on providing more flexible educational scenario and well-designed curriculum to help student with building knowledge framework.

Global Cooperation

Genesis actively promotes exchanges between international economy, culture and science and technology, with its extensive influence in industry.

We build effective platform for investors and overseas project teams, provide professional and valuable foresights and strategic guidance for investors to be able to make their dream come true.

So far, Genesis had successfully participated in daily necessities, medical equipment, and personal protective equipment trade

We are certified FDA import company, work with professional law firms in both China and United Sates, greatly promoted local economic development.

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Finance.Technology.Health Care.Education.Global Cooperation