Our Advantage

With recognition of strategic opportunity of global development, we are working on the optimization of industry structure and layout, global resource and development of platform for resource sharing service.

In addition to our consulting service, we focus more on landing service. We have rich experiences in management and execution, and understand industry benchmark and management system construction.

Combined experiences with industry benchmark, we provide customized solution to avoid insufficient understanding of the company, and to ensure the quality control during the process.

Through customer accumulation and strong capabilities in business development, we formed a pool of high quality multinational resources.

Gathering the most innovative minds and creative teams, closely work with customers, government agencies and industries, conduct in-depth research on industry transformation and innovation, share insights with management and create greater business value.

Core Advantage

For many years, we’ve worked with various multinational companies, and gained competitive advantage through broader business scope, ability to capture market opportunities, and the deployment of global labors and capital market.

Cost Advantages

Patented Technology

Industry Ranking

Multinational Resources


Based on resource sharing, environment protection and One Belt One Road policy, we are integrating the best teams in Africa to help local mining industry in developing excellent platform to promote industrial globalization.


Keeping up with the policy, we focus on the economic development in bay area, as well as providing community services for senior citizens, offer new ideas to reduce their social pressures. We also provide service to middle/high class group, helping with theminternational development opportunities.

United States

Since the company formed in 2005, we offer services by top investment and real estate experts. We ‘ve helped thousands of mid-to high end clients with rich professional experience, excellent service quality and complete service training .

Company Awards

Washington State Trade and Investment Association

Washington State China Chamber of Commerce

Washington State Top company

Seattle China-U.S Chamber of Commerce